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Outperform the Competition with Cloud Optimization

Trofeo helps you realize the power and potential of Azure by right sizing cloud spending and optimizing applications for your cloud environment. We address critical issues causing inefficiencies and take steps to improve data security while also developing a disaster recovery plan that ensures business continuity for your organization’s essential systems and data.

Get More Out of Azure


  • Right Size Cloud Spending
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Infrastructure-as-Code Blueprints
  • Application Rearchitecting
  • Automated Scaling
  • Database Optimization

Optimize Your Azure Applications & Data

Every cloud optimization project begins by understanding your data-driven goals, from accelerating innovation with AI and machine learning to achieving real-time analytics for quicker decision-making. Our team then embarks on a comprehensive assessment of your current data management practices to create a modern data platform/foundation, identifying opportunities for enhancement in storage efficiency, data processing speeds, and cost management.

Maximize Your Data Potential
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Enhance Your Cloud Infrastructure Security

We ensure your Azure environment is not just optimized for cost and performance, but are also configured to offer the highest levels of security, protecting your data, applications, and infrastructure from unauthorized access and cyber threats. Our security optimizations are designed to evolve and leverage the latest advancements in cloud security technologies.

Keep Your Azure Secure

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