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Restructure Data & Applications to Minimize Carve-Out Risks

When the time comes to separate a business unit or division into a standalone company, it’s vital to have an IT strategy in place that ensures critical data and applications are associated with the proper infrastructure. The team at Trofeo develops a carve-out roadmap that maintains data security and provides the new company with everything it needs to succeed.

Accelerate Your Carve-Out Strategy with Azure

We put phased carve-out strategies in place for infrastructure, data, and security that enable you to move quickly and meet project deadlines. Our tried-and-true experience with Azure and M365 allow us to ensure the right cloud infrastructure and software solutions are in place to create an agile, secure platform for growth.

Overcome Challenges for Any Industry

Carving a new company out of an existing organization can pose major challenges in industries with strict data compliance requirements and infrastructure performance needs. Fortunately, the team at Trofeo has worked closely with multiple industries over the years and developed proven strategies for overcoming obstacles related to data integrity and security to streamline your private equity strategy.

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