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Enhance Cloud Visibility Prior to Acquisition

Trofeo works directly with Private Equity Firms or their outsourced due diligence partners to offer specific expertise around Microsoft Azure and M365 Strategy allowing for a more thorough assessment in these areas as well as a more accurate spend expectation that can be accounted for in the deal structure.

Identify Opportunities for Improvement in Azure

After evaluating a potential investment target’s tech profile, we assess and identify how you can enhance efficiency, streamline operations, and empower innovation by leveraging Microsoft Azure’s powerful cloud capabilities. From data analytics and machine learning to heightened security and infrastructure resilience, we work with you to develop a vision of what’s possible for your investment opportunities.

Unmatched Industry Expertise

We’ve worked with companies at all stages of maturity across diverse industries. This experience allows us to quickly identify common areas of concern for private equity groups as they evaluate investment opportunities. No matter what industry a company is operating in, we have the expertise needed to conduct a thorough evaluation of their technology, data management, and security processes.

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